Short Film Editing

Bring your short film to life with
excellence. It's a wrap!

Reel Editing

3 minute reels that will get casting
agents talking all over town.

Feature Editing

Cutting-edge storytelling with the latest tech in motion picture editing.

My Portfolio

Short Film

A visual and musical journey of a man trying to find love.

Teaser Trailer

How far would you go for love? Inspired by Explosions in the Sky’s song. Birth and Death of the Day.

TV Pilot Trailer

Dirty Dead Con Men is a TV Pilot based in a world where criminals can get away with murder, a con-artist and a corrupt vice-cop bring justice to those outside the law. Trailer screened at Cannes Film Festival 2013.

Actress Reel

Reel for Actress Amanda Clayton. Amanda has been in Disney’s John Carter and a guest spot in The Mentalist.


Interview shot with the Sony FS100UK…featuring the music of Shiny Toy Guns